Willful Smart Watch review

If you found this review then there is a high chance that you found the Willful Smart Watch on Amazon and want to know what all the fuzz is about: A highly rated smart watch for under $40 seems too good to be true.

Well, it is. And it isn’t. It really is hard to quantify the usefulness of the Willful Smart Watch, simply because there is a lot going right for the item. But there is also a lot going wrong. More than enoug reasons for us to take a closer look and find out, how and why the smart watch is so polarizing.

Display and design

The design of the Willful Smartwatch is a bit reminiscent of the Apple Watch, but with its 33 mm display, the Willful Smartwatch is a bit smaller. The square case is completely made of plastic and comes in black and dark gray. Despite a solid build, the watch’s low price is noticeable. The case feels cheap and there are still some sharp edges.

Nevertheless, the watch looks very chic, especially due to the display. The Willful Smartwatch uses a TFT display that is pleasantly bright and shows strong colors and contrasts. The resolution is not outstanding, but it is sufficient to display a sharp image. It is also very practical that the brightness of the display can be adjusted. Thus, the display can be seen well in all light conditions.

The Willful Smart Watch promises a long battery life - even when you use it all day.
The Willful Smart Watch promises a long battery life – even when you use it all day.

Utilization and wearing comfort

The operation of the Willful Smartwatch works via a side button and the touchscreen. The button is pleasant to press and serves as a back button and for turning the watch on and off. The touchscreen can be used to scroll through the watch’s clearly arranged menu. The touchscreen works precisely, but always has a slight delay.

The Willful smartwatch comes with a comfortable silicone strap and is really comfortable to wear. It is small and lightweight and thus does not interfere with your daily sporting activities or sleeping.

Features and functions

Despite its low price, the Willful Smartwatch really has a lot of features and functions to offer. The watch has a heart rate sensor and a pedometer and can thus determine your steps taken and calories burned. With 24/7 heart rate monitoring, the watch can measure your heart rate throughout the day and alert you if your heart rate is too high or too low. If your heart rate is too high, the watch even offers guided breathing exercises to help you relax.

The heart rate measurement worked surprisingly accurately in the test and only deviated slightly from my reference device. However, there were some problems with the pedometer. The watch often counted many more steps than I actually took and sometimes deviated up to 20% from my actual steps. You can also record your sports activities with the watch. With nine sports modes – running, treadmill, fitness, cycling, climbing, yoga, walking, hiking, spinning and stepping – you can choose from a number of different sports.

If you wear the watch overnight, it can also record your sleep. However, this did not always work perfectly in the test and my sleep was not recorded a few times. For everyday use, the Willful smartwatch is equipped with music control, a timer and an alarm clock. Calls and messages can also be displayed on the watch.

You'll find a few really nice features for the Willful Smart Watch.
You’ll find a few really nice features for the Willful Smart Watch.

Battery life, App and Software

The battery life of the Willful Smartwatch is also very solid. I was able to use the watch for a full 7 days on one charge, despite regular heart rate monitoring. The watch’s software is kept very simple and works flawlessly as a result. The only thing that was a bit annoying is that the watch sometimes runs a bit jerky and sometimes reacts a bit delayed.

The connection with the smartphone also worked well. The watch can be connected to the phone via the VeryFitPro app. In the clear app can then evaluate the sports and health data and make some settings on the clock.


With the Willful smartwatch, you really get an outstanding price-performance ratio. For little money, you get a chic smartwatch with good battery life, a precise heart rate sensor and useful functions for sports and everyday life.

Even though there are some minor issues, such as the inaccurate pedometer, you get a very solid, affordable smartwatch for little money with the Willful Smartwatch.


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