Smartwatches for Seniors

When people think of small and ultra-modern smartwatches for seniors, they primarily have young wearers in mind. However, the use of such a watch also makes perfect sense for older users. Hereby, practical and even life-saving functions can be obtained. The difference is that the capabilities of the models are deliberately limited and thus kept simple, while the design is prepared for the target group. That said, there are still some differences in smartwatches for men and smartwatches for women.

General information about smartwatches for seniors

No matter what type of smartwatch it is, a screen is always used here. This also applies to a model for seniors. Here, a particularly large display is usually chosen, which offers a maximum overview. The manufacturers use different materials for the wristbands. Among other things, wristbands are offered made of both comfortable rubber or handsome metal. This makes it possible to wear the smartwatch for seniors in all situations, even when showering or swimming. Alternatively, the market also offers models with fine leather. Here, the buyer can choose from different products. One’s own preferences will determine the decision.

Finally, the general durability of a smartwatch for seniors should be mentioned. The manufacturers use a highly robust casing so that possible knocks and bumps are safely survived. It is also desirable that the design is discreet, because older people in particular do not want to stand out with a modern companion on their wrist or find the modern technology somewhat alienating from time to time. A neutral, inconspicuous appearance is therefore the logical consequence.

Smartwatches for seniors are a great way to improve the everyday life.
Smartwatches for seniors are a great way to improve the everyday life.

Smartwatches for seniors: How to operate them successfully

Many people who are interested in smartwatches for seniors are not sure exactly how to operate them. Basically, a smart watch for seniors uses the same technology for control as a conventional smartwatch. Watches for seniors also have displays that respond to finger touches. Such touchscreens help with operation, since they can be used to call up a wide variety of functions with a single tap. Many manufacturers also install a selection button. This is usually located in the same place as the crown on conventional wristwatches. Thanks to this detail, a classic and unobtrusive design is realized.

The technology in a smartwatch for seniors

A special feature of smartwatches for seniors is hidden especially in the installed technology. The most diverse modules, sensors and units are used here, so that the everyday life of older people can be successfully upgraded.

But first, we have to mention the technologies that are also used in a normal smartwatch. In addition to the screen, a Bluetooth module is also installed in a smartwatch for seniors. This is necessary so that the connection to the smartphone can be established if desired. And an obligatory pedometer is also integrated in a smartwatch for seniors. Thanks to this component, both the wearer himself and the nursing staff can get a meaningful overview of the daily movement activity. This proves helpful in a wide variety of cases.

Smartwatches for seniors can use extra large numbers and letters.

A special feature of the smartwatch for seniors is the SOS button. It is usually located on the side of the case and is always kept in an eye-catching red color. If the wearer finds himself in an emergency situation, it is enough to press this button. Already, the person who is set up as the most important contact for the wearer receives a notification. Depending on the model, several numbers can be stored here, so that other relatives, friends and the home emergency call can be notified, for example. Thanks to this function, a smartwatch for seniors is comparable to the “red button”. However, this only works if the connection to the base station is available. If the wearer is outside the house, this wristband cannot be used.

This is where the clear advantage of a smartwatch for seniors comes into play. Since the smart watch has a slot for a SIM card, an emergency call can be started with the wristwatch from almost anywhere in the world. And successful localization is also taken care of, after all, the smartwatches for seniors have an integrated GPS receiver. Thanks to this high-quality detail, relatives and caregivers have the opportunity to locate the owner of the smart watch in an emergency.

By the way, the wearer can not only make a simple emergency call with a smartwatch for seniors, but also make phone calls with most models. Thanks to an integrated microphone as well as the SIM card, this function is possible without restrictions.

Modern smartwatches can link to smartphones, tablets, ear buds and more.

Avoiding danger, remembering important events

Elderly people need a certain degree of control in some cases, which is especially necessary for Alzheimer’s patients. If their mind or perhaps their eyesight should diminish, seniors should no longer participate in public road traffic. To ensure that their movements can be monitored, smartwatches for seniors have incorporated practical features that alert caregivers as soon as the wearer leaves a zone that has been set as safe.

For this feature to take effect, the GPS module in the watch is again responsible. This allows caregivers to easily define on a map which is the safe zone. As soon as this zone is left, the relatives receive a message on the smartphone. Immediate action can now be taken so that a dangerous situation is successfully prevented.

Another practical feature of smartwatches for seniors is the reminder function. Almost all models are equipped with this highlight. The time at which an important event is due is simply stored in the smart watch. The wearer finally receives an alarm when this time is reached. This can be done both acoustically and by means of the integrated vibration alarm. This reminds the senior to take the necessary medication or not to miss a doctor’s appointment.

The user interface of a smartwatch for seniors

A big difference between a conventional smartwatch and a model for seniors can be found in the installed user interface. This differs in most respects – a smartwatch for seniors is kept particularly simple and straightforward.

This is already noticeable in the design of the individual menu items. The manufacturers size them sufficiently large so that the desired icon is actually clicked with a press on the touchscreen. The layout is also kept very simple. Since only basic functions are integrated, even beginners in the field of smartwatches can get along well with the models.

Senior smartwatches can have a neutral or even luxurious look.

The battery life of a smartwatch for seniors

All kinds of technologies are used in a smartwatch for seniors. Be it the GPS module or the integrated SIM card. The large screen of such a watch also needs to be illuminated, so the manufacturers also install a correspondingly long-lasting battery in these models. This usually has an even higher capacity than conventional smartwatches. However, this differs depending on the model. However, it can generally be said that a smartwatch for seniors with the longest possible battery life saves frequent charging processes. In some cases, the wearables can even manage for several weeks without energy supply.

If the battery is drained, the wearer does not need to connect it to a cable; it can be charged wirelessly via a charging pad. Simply put the watch down and the battery is supplied with power again. To ensure that the services of the senior smartwatches for seniors can actually be relied on permanently, the app also reminds relatives when the battery level is low to gradually supply the smartwatch with new energy.

For many seniors, wearing a smartwatch may still be uncharted territory. But with suitable smart watches for seniors, models are available that are particularly easy to use and also provide high-quality functions. Whether it is the quick emergency call from anywhere in the world or the telephone function, such features can be a great advantage in the everyday life of the wearer and also the caregivers.

Higher quality smartwatches are highly customizable.

FAQ Senior Smartwatch

Now and then, there may still be unanswered questions about senior smartwatches, because the topic is quite complex. We have summarized the most important ones here and, of course, provided the corresponding answers.

What functions are important on a smartwatch for seniors?

The majority of smartwatches for seniors available on the market cover two main functional areas. One is to increase the wearer’s safety and thus preserve their independence. Above all, this means that they can easily call for help by informing relatives or even a professional emergency call service at the touch of a button. At the same time, the smartwatch usually transmits the wearer’s current location. As a rule, relatives also have the option of locating the senior in case of doubt. The second focus of these watches is on communication. As with a classic cell phone, phone calls can be made and messages can be received and sent. Depending on the model, extras such as a reminder to take medication or a pedometer are available.

What makes a good smartwatch for seniors?

A stylish, discreet design reminiscent of a classic wristwatch is appreciated by older people. Accordingly, smartwatches for seniors do not look like a technical device at first glance. Intuitive, simple operation is essential so that wearers find it as easy as possible to use the watch. It is also a good thing if the devices are at least splash-proof or even completely waterproof. This means that they can also be worn while showering – bathrooms in particular are considered to be a source of danger within one’s own four walls. Then it is all the more important to be able to react quickly in an emergency. Recharging should not be necessary as frequently as with a conventional smartwatch. Between two and three days up to more than a week are conceivable for the energy performance.

Does a smartwatch for seniors require a SIM card?

A very clear answer can be given here: Yes, smartwatches for seniors use a SIM card. This is necessary for communication alone, in order to be able to make phone calls or receive and send messages. At the same time, it plays an important role for tracking. However, a SIM card does not always have to be purchased. Some manufacturers rely on a permanently integrated SIM, for which a monthly fee is then charged.

What advantages does a smartwatch for seniors have over a home emergency call?

The name of the home emergency call already suggests it: This system only works within your own four walls and a few meters around, as there is a coupling to the landline. However, most elderly people are still independent enough to do their shopping and move around freely. This is one of the key advantages of smartwatches for seniors: it provides its security functions regardless of location – in some cases even across Europe – and enables communication on top of that. Basically, it offers a wider range of functions and is always easy to use.

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