Smartwatches for Men

Contrary to some claims in the early years, the development of smartwatches for men is by no means coming to an end. The opposite is the case: Instead, hardly a week goes by without at least one manufacturer in the world presenting a new model. In addition, the flagships of the leading brands like Samsung or Apple enjoy a huge demand. In some cases, even the manufacturers did not expect this, which occasionally leads to delivery delays in the first weeks after the sales launch. Smartwatches are by no means displacing wristwatches, but have rather established themselves as an equal accessory. It is no longer possible to imagine the mass market without them. This is proven by the fact that the Apple Watch is the world’s best-selling watch.

But what really makes a men’s smartwatch? Especially in this still growing and thus occasionally somewhat confusing market, it is difficult to keep track of everything. You will be informed about planned new models or freshly launched smart watches in the news of our website. On this page you will get an overview of the timepieces that are primarily reserved for men.

From emphatically masculine models to versions with technical refinements and a rich bundle of functions to timeless hybrid smartwatches, everything is represented here, so that every MAN gets his money’s worth.

Modern smartwatches for men are versatile and look amazing!
Modern smartwatches for men are versatile and look amazing!

What makes a men’s smartwatch great?

The main difference between the majority of smartwatches for men and those for women, apart from the appearance, is the range of functions. While women expect their smart wrist companion to be able to serve with the basics like notifications of calls and messages of all kinds or basic fitness tracking, the scope still doesn’t have to be too large. The focus is primarily on the looks.

Of course, the gentlemen of creation equally want an appealing design that meets their demands. However, they also attach great importance to a comprehensive range of functions that go beyond the standards. Men are said to be more interested in technology, and accordingly they also expect the smartwatch for men that suits them to have a lot to offer.

Extras such as a compass or a GPS sensor can be included to master adventures in nature or the urban jungle. Helpers such as a digital diary or the option of saving important thoughts as a voice memo are suitable for everyday work. Some men would also like their smartwatch to have a camera on board and thus be suitable for filming and taking successful photos. At the very least, it should also serve as a remote control for the cell phone’s camera. An NFC chip is also increasingly part of the technical equipment. This enables contactless payment. The services are then given a name based on the manufacturer. The most important ones are Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Playing music is also a possible feature that gentlemen like to use. Either the smart watch can control the playback on the cell phone or it has its own storage space so that the wearer can enjoy his favorite tracks directly from his wrist. The most comprehensive models are also so independent that they basically make a smartphone superfluous. They have a slot for a SIM card so that they are fully capable of making phone calls and sending messages. Alternatively, they have an eSIM, which is now preferred.

Such complex models are therefore rather to be understood as men’s smartwatches, although there will of course also be ladies who will be thrilled by the range of functions. Besides the capabilities, however, the design also plays an important role for men. A wide wristband and a display with a large screen diagonal and an accompanying good overview are often sought-after features. Striking and masculine are the attributes that are equally associated with a men’s wristwatch and a smartwatch.

A modern smartwatch is a great present for every men.

The design of a men’s smartwatch

The typical colors of a smartwatch for men are black, silver, brown as well as a dark blue. As for the question of the size of the wristband, a simplified rule could be established: Where it ends for the ladies, it begins for the men. While the female target group usually goes for bracelets with a width of between 14 and 18 millimeters, men generally want larger bracelets, which can be 18 millimeters and usually even larger. Of course, this also depends on the display and its dimensions. A very wide bracelet would look out of place on a smaller dial. Conversely, a large screen cannot be surrounded by a very narrow strap.

The materials of the strap mostly depend on the primary purpose of the smartwatch. So, if it is equipped with a range of sporty functions, then a silicone strap that is sweat and water resistant makes more sense. Smartwatches that are primarily intended for everyday business use will leave the best impression if leather or stainless steel has been used for the strap.

However, a crucial question, which is a fundamental one, concerns the shape of the dial. There is no rule that says that a men’s smartwatch should be round or rather square. This topic can be answered with the basic trend that can currently be observed. Many of the first smartwatches for men had a square screen, but there is now a clear trend towards a round display. Many manufacturers like Fossil, Mobvoi, Samsung or Swiss luxury brands in the shape of TAG Heuer or Hublot have given their timepieces a round dial. However, the square shape is not completely outdated yet, because Apple has stuck to the shape with corners and edges in its Watch Series from the very beginning until today. The sales figures speak for themselves and show that it depends on the individual taste. In the meantime, however, it is much more likely to encounter a smartwatch with a round instead of a square display.

Do sporty men also get their money’s worth?

In terms of functionality, fitness watches and smartwatches for men now overlap to some extent. Both can provide the basics, such as information about calls and messages, and apart from that, they have other helpful features in store, such as a stopwatch, an appointment calendar, a translator or a timer. Smartwatches and fitness watches also monitor sleep. However, the latter are still characterized by very extensive support for sports. Some smartwatches for men are already approaching these performances and pay attention to health aspects at the same time.

At this point, the market leaders Samsung and Apple should be mentioned, which equip their watches so extensively that they are also suitable as companions for outdoor activities, endurance units or training in the gym. It is particularly difficult to distinguish between a fitness watch and a smartwatch in the case of the Casio and Garmin brands. The models from Casio are actually typical watches for physical activities, especially for extreme and outdoor sports. And yet they work with the Wear OS smartwatch operating system from Google. Garmin is known for its fitness watches, but besides an ever-increasing range of functions for sports, they also miss out on more smart features. Messages can also be answered from the wrist via these models, and an NFC chip is now also an integral part of the equipment. Users will also find a kind of manufacturer’s own app store in the Garmin Connect app, where applications and watchfaces are available for download.

Although the boundaries are obviously becoming blurred, this still means that men can choose from a wide range of sporty smartwatches. Often, these timepieces can even survive a dip in the water completely unscathed, as they are also designed for swimming.

Men often use a wide variaty of functions with their smartwatch.

Smartwatches for the business world

In the business world, the design is on par with the functions, because the smartwatch must pleasantly emphasize the style of dress and offer many nice features. Unobtrusively look in the meeting, who has written a message, who is calling, comment on the post in the social network or how the share price is developing – these are often expressed wishes.

Especially in everyday business life, it is not good etiquette to look at your smartphone during an appointment. A glance at the watch is rather forgivable and for this purpose smartwatches are the ideal companions to stay up to date. Discreet and classic is the appropriate keyword here when it comes to ideal smartwatches for the business world. While the wearables with a digital display reveal their functionality, the so-called hybrid smartwatches are more predestined for this area.

At first glance, they do not arouse the suspicion that they contain intelligent functions because they have a conventional, analog dial. Nevertheless, they can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and fulfill the basic tasks of a smartwatch. In addition to fitness tracking, they indicate when something has happened on the paired cell phone via a vibration alarm. In an app, the user has the option to set numbers for individual contacts and their notifications. As soon as a call or message arrives from the other party, the hands of the Hybrid Smartwatch jump to the previously set number. The wearer thus knows what has happened on his cell phone, while outsiders are unaware of it.

Especially the Fossil Group, which unites numerous brands like Michael Kors, Diesel or Emporio Armani, is known for its hybrid smartwatches in a classic and at the same time business-suitable design. Other labels like Kronaby, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss or Lacoste join them.

What smartwatches are available in the luxury segment?

The luxury watch wearer can now fall back on an increasing selection of smartwatches for men. Breitling already released its B55 Connected for pilots and frequent flyers at the end of 2015. Probably the best-known luxury smartwatch to date is the Swiss luxury brand’s TAG Heuer Connected Modular, which first appeared in 2017 with the addition of 45, drawing attention to the case diameter.

It was followed a year later by the Connected Modular 41, which is technically identical, but its more compact dimensions make it more suitable for ladies. Smartwatches from TAG Heuer are always equipped with a digital display and also work with Wear OS, Google’s operating system. Notifications and other information received on the smartphone can be shown on the display. Furthermore, a GPS module is recently part of the equipment and contactless payment is also feasible. Above all, however, there is the option of replacing the screen with an analog dial with just a flick of the wrist, if required.

Different smartwatch models are made for different applications.

Montblanc once mastered its entry into the smartwatches for men market with the E-Strap. This is more of an extra for the Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed range that attaches to the bottom of the bracelet and receives information via Bluetooth. So the smart extras are not inside the watch, but in the bracelet itself.

In 2017, Montblanc finally joined the trend of smartwatches and released the Summit, a sporty and elegant model equipped with Wear OS. In the following year, the label launched the Summit 2 as the second generation, which even has a special status: It is the first smartwatch that uses the new and more energy-efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 as a processor.

Tissot, on the other hand, has been combining smart and technical functions for quite some time and has gained a foothold in the smartwatch sector for the first time with its Tissot Smart Touch. Hublot had long professed not to bring wearables to the market. In 2018, that changed with the Big Bang Referee. The luxury smartwatch is a model limited to the number of 2,018 pieces, which appeared on the occasion of the World Cup.

Other manufacturers from the luxury segment such as Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Glashütte Original, Bulgari and many more are sometimes skeptical about wearable technology and stick exclusively to analog watches. However, it cannot be ruled out that you, too, will have to rethink in the future.

If you want to buy a luxury smartwatch for men, you might also find one at Apple and Samsung. Both manufacturers occasionally offer additional very classy variants for their status models, which in the case of the South Korean manufacturer Samsung were created with the designer De Grisogono, while the company from Cupertino cooperates with Hermès.

The optics are as important as the technical parts of the smartwatch.

Smartwatches for everyone

Of course, the market also has plenty of models that are suitable for any situation. Manufacturers of such models include HUAWEI, brands from the Fossil Group and Fossil itself, as well as Mobvoi. The design is very neutral and thus suitable for everyday use, and there are usually options to easily replace the wristband and adapt it to the occasion. Of course, the smartwatches from Samsung and Apple can also be seen as all-rounders for every man.

What basic functions does a smartwatch offer?

In addition to the time, smartwatches can now show all kinds of notifications received on the smartphone on the display via Bluetooth. The wearer is additionally informed about the receipt by a slight vibration. Some smartwatches also play sounds for incoming messages, but that can prove annoying in the long run. A slight vibration on the arm is a discreet indication when there is news. Answering and responding to phone calls and messages is also possible in more and more models. The technical requirements for this are met with an integrated speaker and microphone.

Increasingly, an integrated heart rate monitor is becoming standard not only for sports wearables, but also for smartwatches. Thus, the user is always informed about his heart activity. His fitness data, such as the number of steps taken and the amount of calories burned, is also provided by his smartwatch. At night, the smart watches record sleep, including its duration, and also assess its quality. Once the smartwatch is equipped with GPS, the watch records routes even when the smartphone is not on the man. During a run, smartwatches can even control the music on the smartphone. This allows you to choose from your favorite tracks, play music and pause it in the meantime. If the watch has its own memory, playback takes place with the support of Bluetooth headphones.

What will the weather be like, where is a certain street or what is the word ‘smart’ in English – a multitude of smart and preloaded apps allow the user to find out. However, the integrated voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant or even Amazon Alexa are also happy to provide the answers. Watchfaces allow the wearer to adapt his smartwatch for men to his current style and to constantly change the digital watch face in the same way. Whether touchscreen, analog or even completely fancy display, depending on how the wearer feels during the day and what clothes he wears, the smartwatch adapts to these conditions. Depending on the manufacturer, more of these watchfaces are available for download and expanding the collection. In some cases, it is even possible to design the digital watch faces yourself, so there are no limits.

Modern smartwatches become more and more of an everyday product.

The best men’s smartwatches

Each smartwatch for men has its own appeal and is favored by different user groups. Which ones they are depends on various criteria. The functionality is only one of them, because in this respect, many models are similar. Rather, the operation, design and comfort are the deciding factors. The interplay of all factors shapes the type and number of followers, and ultimately the list of the most popular smartwatches.

With a lot of transparency and passion, Pebble once made it into the hearts of smartwatch fans. The company’s launch was the funding campaign of the Pebble Watch, the manufacturer’s first device. The project turned out to be a complete success and Pebble managed to turn the vision of the Pebble Watch into reality with the money it raised. Despite all this success and more models, the manufacturer has disappeared from the scene today – Fitbit had taken it over in a financially difficult situation in 2016.

Pebble relied on its own operating system. This is a strategy that many manufacturers follow. The best-known name is certainly Apple with iOS. However, HUAWEI, Samsung and Fitbit are other prominent representatives. The brands are thus independent and can optimize their watches with updates at any time. In general, an own software can also lead to a more efficient performance. HUAWEI has shown how this works in practice since 2018 with Lite OS. Between 7 and 14 days of battery life are quite realistic with the smart watches of the Watch GT series. The Fitbit smartwatches also manage runtimes between mostly 3 and 5 days.

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatches are highly appreciated by their users due to their impressive overall packages. Almost all functions are given with this smart accessory on the wrist. Even the downer of an unconditional pairing with the cell phone has been eliminated. Some of the watches are optionally available as LTE versions and are thus completely independent of a smartphone.

There is no single ‘best smartwatch’ model for men, but rather a lot of great options to pick from.

In concrete terms, this means that these smartwatches can be used for phone calls, text messages and emails. At the same time, music can be streamed, content can be searched for on the web, and apps and watchfaces can be downloaded. However, other brands have also recognized this desire and developed corresponding designs. Apple can be mentioned once again, but Mobvoi also offers this option and even the HUAWEI Watch 2 from 2017 already had such a variant. In general, the trend can be seen that this technology will continue to gain popularity in the future and more manufacturers will release models of this type. As a rule, no SIM card has to be inserted like in a smartphone, but an eSIM is installed. This chip then only receives the appropriate programming with the corresponding cellular data.

Smartwatches for men are receiving more and more attention in the media, so interest in buying a smartwatch is also growing. The selection is already large – colors, sizes and shapes already make it difficult for customers to decide. Admittedly: A purchase decision is not particularly easy there. What can a smartwatch do and how can the customer tell when it’s good and whether it even meets his or her needs? Many well-known manufacturers offer solid smartwatches, but again and again smaller companies assert themselves whose devices are worth taking a closer look at. The requirements for smartwatches for men are becoming more and more versatile, and that also affects the battery life.

This is improving noticeably and there seem to be optimizations from generation to generation. In the past, this was often not much more than that of a smartphone. Using it during the day and at night for sleep tracking was thus considered almost impossible, unless there was time to recharge in between. However, the number of smartwatches with a long battery life is increasing noticeably. HUAWEI has already set the bar quite high with its watches released in 2018. Up to two weeks is considered a remarkable value.

Smartwatches for men with Google’s Wear OS operating system, meanwhile, are designed so that the user can make individual settings. These configurations have a direct impact on the battery life. For example, it can be decided whether the heart rate measurement should be active and, if so, how often a measurement is taken. Innovations are available from representatives like Mobvoi or especially Casio with its Pro-Trek series. The special feature is that two displays are stored on top of each other. This means that an energy-saving, monochrome display always works when the touchscreen is not needed. If it is only about showing the time, up to 30 days of continuous performance beckon.

Models with an unusual operating concept can also stand out from the crowd of the best smartwatches. One brand that succeeds in this in any case is Samsung. The South Koreans are known for their rotating bezel. Wearers use it to navigate through the menu and scroll through text content. Together with rich displays, the option to download additional apps and the look of a classic wristwatch, the manufacturer knows how to inspire a large buyer base. Beyond that, Samsung’s smartwatches still allow for individualization. The wristband is always replaceable and the range of watchfaces includes several tens of thousands of designs.

Different smartwatches offer support of different apps, widgets and more!

The latest men’s smartwatches

Representatives from two directions in particular were able to conquer the smartwatch market. On the one hand, there are the classic electronics manufacturers like Apple, the industry leader, but also Samsung, HUAWEI and LG. On the other hand, there are the watch manufacturers and fashion brands led by the Fossil Group. The company markets a whole range of renowned labels. These include Diesel, Emporio Armani, Misfit, Skagen, Armani Exchange and Puma. Businessmen, the fashion-conscious, the tech-savvy and sports enthusiasts – there is a suitable smartwatch for everyone.

In the shadow of the big players, however, other brands have also taken their place on the wearable market. These undoubtedly include Mobvoi, an initially unknown company from China that specializes in artificial intelligence technologies. Stylish smartwatches for men with high-quality workmanship and an attractive price-performance ratio helped the brand to become increasingly well-known. However, other ambitious manufacturers come from Asia. Amazfit is particularly worth mentioning. The company, which belongs to Xiaomi, releases new smartwatches at regular intervals. The portfolio is now so diversified that not only different functions and designs are available – you can also choose between round and angular casing shapes.

Casio makes adventurers’ hearts beat faster with its smartwatches for men from the Pro Trek series. The outdoor models are equipped with numerous sensors so that every trip through the wilderness is crowned with success. Fittingly, the watches are certified according to military standards and thus washed with all the proverbial waters. In addition, they bring the support for a range of activities. Among them are also not quite as widespread ones, such as fishing, rowing or winter sports.

Smartwatches for men often have to be compatible with smartphones and other devices.

In the fishing mode, for example, the air pressure is measured to specifically predict weather fluctuations, which in turn have an impact on the activity of the fish. For the optimal fishing position, a tide graph is available that reliably displays tide information for specific harbors in a graphical visual manner. Thanks to the aforementioned innovative display technology, the outdoor smartwatches amaze with battery runtimes of up to a month.

With Pebble, a smaller crowd-funded manufacturer once provided a breath of fresh air on the smartwatch market. Whether Pebble Time 2 or Pebble 2 – even years after the brand disappeared, they are still occasionally found on wrists. Fitbit does a similarly good job. The Californians had secured Pebble’s expertise and developed their own devices like the Ionic or the Versa on this basis.

Ultimately, the large number of brands means that there is a very large and diverse range of products. Those who are looking for a primarily sporty smartwatch will find what they are looking for, as well as all those gentlemen who want a personal assistant on their wrist. With our news, we always keep our readers up to date on new releases and rumors about future releases.

Today’s men smartwatches need to be able to be included into the everyday life.

FAQ Men’s Smartwatch

It’s not uncommon for gentlemen to have different expectations of a smartwatch than ladies. In view of the often very broad range of functions and a huge number of brands, it’s easy to lose track of what’s available. The most important questions on the subject of smartwatches for men are listed here with the appropriate answers.

What functions does a men’s smartwatch have?

Basically, a distinction is made between hybrid smartwatches and models with a touchscreen. Due to the display, there are of course more options, such as answering messages directly via the wrist. If a speaker and microphone are available, it is even possible to make phone calls via the watch. Comprehensive fitness tracking, including wrist-based pulse measurement, is almost mandatory. An integrated NFC chip allows contactless payments. If the smartwatch allows for downloading apps, the wearer can expand the range of functions according to their needs. Hybrids, meanwhile, have a rather limited usability due to their analog watch face. However, activity tracking and sleep analysis can be expected here as well. The watch can only alert the user to messages and calls received on the smartphone with a vibration alarm and, if necessary, a certain hand position.

How big is a men’s smartwatch?

There is no uniform size on the market for men’s smartwatches. However, a diameter of 43 millimeters is particularly common. However, some manufacturers opt for more compact models that only have a diagonal of 40 millimeters. Other brands, such as Diesel, are characterized by deliberately bulky designs, so the size can definitely reach up to almost 50 millimeters.

Which manufacturers offer smartwatches for men?

The market for smartwatches for men is huge and there are a large number of brands represented. It would go beyond the scope of this article to list all the providers. However, the most important names are Apple, Samsung, Mobvoi, HUAWEI, Honor, Diesel, Fossil, Emporio Armani, Kronaby, Withings, Casio, Skagen, Misfit and from the luxury segment Alpina, TAG Heuer, Frederique Constant or Hublot.

Are there differences between smartwatches for men and women?

The differences between a men’s smartwatch and a model for women are purely visual. A masculine design and possibly larger dimensions can be mentioned. It is not uncommon for a manufacturer to offer a model in different versions and thus specifically want to reach the female and male addressees. The range of functions always remains identical. Only the battery life can be a bit longer due to the slightly larger casing, since an energy storage with more capacity fits in.

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