Smartwatches for women

New smartwatches for women appear on the market almost every week. reports in the brand-new news about announced new releases, planned projects but also other wearable smart devices. Advertised are sophisticated innovations and an even fancier design. What becomes apparent time and again is that stylish, feminine smartwatches are also available for women. The technical background is hardly to be seen in the models, and they are more reminiscent of a timepiece that a woman likes to wear. Equality has long since arrived on the wrist as well.

The phase in which smartwatches for men in particular dominated is long behind the industry. Recently, there has been a growing number of watches that are pleasing to the female eye and combine useful, smart functions.

The women’s world needs to be conquered, because their image of a smartwatch tends to be different from that of the male target group. Potential female customers no longer need to fear that the smart watch will be too bulky due to the richly integrated technology. The accessories have a compact design and live up to the claim of being a visually attractive companion for everyday life, work and leisure.

What is important in a smartwatch for women?

First of all, the smartwatches for women must look like a ladies’ watch. In plain language, this means that a round display is almost a must. This is suitable for everyday use, in the office or for evening amusements. As far as the shape of the screen is concerned, the same basically applies as is the general current trend in smart watches: round is in, square is becoming increasingly rare. The best-known smart watch with a square screen is Apple’s Apple Watch, which almost has a unique selling point. But other brands, such as Fitbit, also successfully implement this design principle.

The majority of manufacturers, on the other hand, have opted for a round watch face. The brands Fossil, Michael Kors, Kate Spade New York, HUAWEI and Samsung are examples. To ensure that a women’s smartwatch does not look too cluttered on a female wrist, the diameter of the display should not exceed 42 millimeters. This guideline has now become the unofficial standard.

Smartwatches for women come in different shapes and colors.
Smartwatches for women come in different shapes and colors.

Women also not infrequently express the desire to be able to choose. And because many brands are aware of this fact, they offer options. More than just a trend is the so-called modular smartwatch, where individual components such as the wristband, accessories in the form of buckles or clasps can be put together according to one’s own ideas. It is now common for almost every new smartwatch that appears on the market that at least the wristband can be replaced by one with an identical bar width.

Depending on personal taste and color, ladies can expect a smartwatch variety where they can draw from the full. It is imperative that the watch fits the female wrist and still looks simple or classy and in any case chic. Ideally, the watch case is in classic rose gold, silver or gold, but also fresh colors such as pink, purple, mint green, turquoise or yellow meet every female taste. Many brands like Michael Kors, Fossil or have designed their smartwatches with noble applications such as Swarovski stones, which decorate the bracelet or the bezel, for example.

The wristband ofsmartwatches for women should be slim, so the dimensions are usually between 14 and 18 millimeters. Manufacturers offer their customers chic bracelets made of soft leather with a pin buckle, rose gold or gold mesh bracelets and link bracelets, but women also like to buy simple silicone bracelets in various colors. The main thing is chic, that’s the female motto!

The sporty women also get their money’s worth, because in addition to the elegant smartwatches, there are also versions that are primarily intended for physical activities. Especially the leading manufacturers like Samsung, HUAWEI or Apple cover these fitness-related functions beyond the usual standards in addition to a whopping bundle of everyday functions. In addition, there is a look at the general health.

Usually, the strap of sport smartwatches for women are made of silicone. During physical activities, a band made of leather tends to get stained quickly and sweat builds up faster. Dirt can also accumulate on a link bracelet during exercise, and it’s not considered quite as practical due to its slightly heavier weight.

Most smartwatches come with different color options.

Functions before looks?

The functions of the smartwatches for women play an important, but still often secondary role, because a woman would not buy a watch that has many features to show, but looks insignificant. A visually attractive model is the basic prerequisite for the manufacturer to successfully court the favor of female customers. Understandably, what counts for a woman is what she sees and how it looks on her wrist. There is an increasingly clear trend for manufacturers to cater equally to men and women with models that fit both. It is common practice to offer a smartwatch in two different case sizes. Once again, names like Apple, Samsung or HUAWEI can be mentioned here, where this principle has proven itself.

But of course, a women’s smartwatch is only complete when its range of functions also meets the wearer’s wishes. One of the most important tasks is that the smart watch always keeps its owner up to date when notifications or messages arrive on the cell phone. Unlike men, women rarely carry their smartphones in their pockets – most of the time they are in their handbags. So it’s all the more important for the lady to be reliably informed on her wrist.

What functions does the smartwatch offer a woman?

smartwatches for women offer its wearer not only a great look and the time display, but also helpful functions that make everyday life easier. These are important, because as every MAN knows, women’s handbags are also so-called “survival cases”. To find in these specifically the right item, right at the first attempt, borders on a miracle or the bag is simply too small. Quickly take out the key or the smartphone? Not quite such an easy task.

How often does a call come in and only by chance is it noticed that it is vibrating in the handbag – and perhaps the caller has already hung up. To avoid hectic, or simply to know directly who is calling, smartwatches for women are a true support. It forwards WhatsApp messages, text messages, e-mails and notifications of social media activities. But that’s not all: the content can be read conveniently on the display.

A smartwatch can even change fitness behavior and rekindle athletic feelings. All you have to do is connect it to your cell phone via Bluetooth and it will show its full strength. The alternative to this are models that function completely independently, since they have an eSIM as the LTE version. Consequently, they are suitable as a completely independent means of communication. The Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, for example, are available in such versions.

Smartwatches for women can make life easier in every situation.

Women tend to prefer to take their watches off during sleep. The battery life of some smartwatches is comparable to that of a cell phone. Therefore, these models should be placed on the charging station during the night so that they are available again with full energy the next day. But that does not apply to all smartwatches, because more and more manage to last several days on one charge. HUAWEI has proven that one to two weeks are possible. Models like the GT 2 or the sportier GT 2e stand for this. Especially these wearables can be kept on the wrist for a detailed sleep analysis and possibly even serve as an alarm clock in the morning.

Smartwatch manufacturers also allow their customers to always adapt their model to their fashion style by offering many colorful, interchangeable bands or partially enclosing them in the package when buying the watch. The highlight of smartwatches for women are also that the digital dials, also known as watchfaces, can be changed depending on the event or occasion. Whether analog or digital display with colorful backgrounds or display of steps, date, appointment or world clock – all this can be customized to suit the current style. We can help you find your ideal smartwatch that suits you and your smartphone.

Conventional smartwatch or hybrid model for the ladies?

Smart timepieces do not necessarily have to be equipped with a digital display. There is now a wide range of so-called hybrid smartwatches. These are models that look like an ordinary wristwatch at first glance, which is ensured by an analog dial. Nevertheless, smart functions are hidden inside.

Accordingly, these hybrid smartwatches are also able to connect to a cell phone via Bluetooth and send all the news they receive to the wrist. These models are already sophisticated in that they provide information about what has happened on the smartphone via a special hand position, for example. The surroundings will probably not notice this in most cases. Discreet but smart is the motto that the manufacturers follow here.

As an everyday tool, a smartwatch can easily track a lot of different activities and times.

In addition, the watches, which usually look even more sophisticated, keep an eye on the wearer’s fitness by counting steps, measuring calories burned and encouraging more exercise. If desired, hybrid smartwatches for women can also monitor sleep and assess the quality of the night’s rest.

Basically, the owner of a women’s hybrid smartwatch does not have to do without any of the functions that a device with a digital display also provides. The main difference is simply that the variants with the analog dial do not reveal anything about their capabilities to the unknowing onlookers. And that is probably in the interest of many women, because a digital display probably still arouses a somewhat strange feeling in them – it is actually the men of creation who are considered to be particularly tech-savvy.

In addition, the hybrid smartwatches have another, quite decisive advantage, which is the energy supply: Frequent recharging is definitely not necessary here, since these models get by with a button cell battery and are thus similar to an analog wristwatch in this point as well. This makes it a bit more convenient for the ladies and possibly does not deter them from buying a smartwatch in the first place, since they do not have to worry about the battery level on a regular basis. Rather, hybrid smartwatches last for months or even several years until they call for a new battery.

What a woman ultimately chooses – hybrid smartwatch or conventional smartwatch – is a matter of individual taste. Each variant has its advantages. The versions with an analog dial emphasize the feminine fashion claim a bit more, without having to do without the basics of smart watches. The smartwatches with a digital display are often even more versatile and offer more possibilities. One prospective buyer might just be curious about this, while the other is more attracted to hybrid smartwatches and doesn’t need a packed bundle of features.

In any case, many of the manufacturers also comply with this wish and have already launched smartwatches for women with analog displays. The most important brand here is Fossil, which unites many other labels like Skagen, Kate Spade, Misfit or Michael Kors. Speaking of Michael Kors, the products of the U.S. fashion designer are in demand among women not only when it comes to clothing, but also accessories such as watches – and also the smart versions. The brand also poses the question: conventional smartwatch or hybrid smartwatch? The hip label has the right variants to offer for both categories. Other manufacturers with products in this segment are Withings, Kronaby or Frederique Constant.

You can easily find and use a lot of different apps with your smartwatch.

The right ladies’ smartwatch for every requirement

Our ideas and tastes are as diverse as we are. What one person finds exciting, another finds ordinary and vice versa. Accordingly, there are also very diverse wishes that are placed onsmartwatches for women.

Those who like it classic are most likely to opt for a hybrid smartwatch. Especially for those ladies who don’t want to be thrown in at the deep end as far as technical functions are concerned, this is the most sensible entry into the world of smart watches. Easy operability and a manageable portfolio of tasks that the hybrid smartwatches perform speak in favor of this. Moreover, the visual aspect is in the foreground: a chic, fashionable look characterizes these wearables and makes them attractive in terms of design as well. These smart watches for women should also be appealing to all those interested who want to wear the desired model primarily in everyday business.

The particularly fashion-conscious ladies will also find a range of smartwatches for women that appeals to them. Manufacturers like Samsung, Fossil or Skagen provide very versatile designs. Digital watch faces can be changed in the proverbial sense with the swipe of a finger and adapted to the respective occasion or the current mood. Often, the exchange of bracelets is also an aspect that ladies attach importance to. Depending on the mood, outfit or occasion, it is possible within a few seconds to replace the band with another with the same dimensions.

Many women like to be active and would also like to use their smartwatch during physical activity to keep an eye on their fitness. The prime example of an ideal model may be the Apple Watch in the Nike versions, but limiting oneself to this wearable alone would not do justice to the rich selection. Misfit, Puma, HUAWEI, and a host of other brands have also been active in this regard. Furthermore, Fitbit should not be forgotten as the name par excellence when it comes to smartwatches for active people.

If you’re looking for a business smartwatch you will find great choices for the right price.

If the wearer wants an all-rounder, she cannot avoid the market leaders in particular. Apple has the respective models ready, which turn out to be real all-rounders and can help users in their everyday life in many ways. At the same time, they are also intended for the female target group that likes to deal with technology precisely because of their extensive capabilities.

The same can be said about the South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung, which can be understood as the fiercest competitor to Apple in the smartwatches for women market. The range of functions and the quality of the watches is in no way inferior to the competitor from Cupertino. But of course, other manufacturers like HUAWEI or Fossil should also be mentioned here, which are also known for their smartwatches that are considered all-rounders.

In addition to one’s own demands regarding the capabilities and looks of smartwatches for women, there is another very important aspect to consider: Not every model can fully work with every cell phone. The operating system is a very decisive factor. If you use a smartphone with Android, you will probably choose a model with Wear OS – Google is responsible for the development of the software.

Brands like Fitbit, Samsung, HUAWEI or Xiaomi do not differentiate. They have developed their own operating system that is compatible with Android and iOS in the same way. Hybrid smartwatches for women, which are also adapted to Android and iOS in almost all cases, make it similarly uncomplicated. Those who want to wear an Apple Watch should have the matching iPhone for it.

Different styles will attract different types. Just keep looking for yours!

The most popular women’s smartwatches

Each smartwatch has its own flair and is favored by different user groups. Which ones they are depends on various criteria. The functionality is only one of them, because many models are similar in this respect. Rather, operation, design and comfort are the deciding factors. The interplay of all factors shapes the type and number of followers and the list of the most popular smartwatches.

The undisputed leader for many years has been the Apple Watch, which will continue to hold this status for the foreseeable future. It is not only considered the world’s best-selling smartwatch – it is also the most sold watch on the globe.

Samsung models are highly appreciated by their users due to their impressive overall package. Almost all functions are given with this all-rounder on the wrist. Another argument: Those who want more independence can choose an LTE version and then use the smartwatch completely detached from the smartphone. This option is equally available for the Apple Watch. But of course, it does not always have to be the usual suspects. Therefore, many look around for a suitable alternative. Such an alternative can be found at Huawei as well as at Fossil or one of the numerous fashion labels that the company markets. Names like Fitbit, Withings or Mobvoi should not be forgotten either.

Modern smartwatches for women are able to track your sleep – if you want them to.

The best women’s smartwatches

Smartwatches are getting more and more attention in the media, so the general interest in buying a smartwatch is also growing. The choice is multifaceted – colors, sizes and shapes make the decision fortunately difficult for female customers.

Many questions need to be clarified before the purchase: What can smartwatches for women do? How can the customer tell when a smartwatch is good and meets her needs? Many well-known manufacturers offer solid smartwatches, but smaller companies are now also standing out, and their devices are worth looking into.

The requirements for smartwatches for women are becoming more and more versatile. Significant development is taking place in terms of battery life, for example. If this once did not exceed that of a smartphone in earlier models, there is a clear change here. Using it during the day and at night for sleep tracking is now proving to be almost a matter of course.

The central topic of conversation for smartwatches is the operating concept. Here, Samsung stands out from the crowd by equipping many of its models with a rotating bezel – a clear recognition feature and significantly increased convenience. The majority of the watches are equipped with Wear OS from Google and show very consistent handling. However, a notable difference can be found in the number of buttons, for example. It is still possible to assign special quick-start functions to them here. In general, smartwatches for women are characterized by the fact that they are operated via the touchscreen as well as via buttons on the casing’s edge.

A great smartwatch is so much more than ‘just an accecssoire’.

Manufacturers from the electronics industry like Apple, Samsung, Huawei or Mobvoi have conquered and revolutionized the smartwatch market in recent years. At the same time, traditional watch manufacturers like Fossil or Casio are also following suit and regularly expand their product range with new smart watches. Businesswomen, fashionistas or sports enthusiasts – there is a suitable smartwatch for every lady.

While the world eagerly awaits the new launches of prominent names like Apple or Samsung for weeks on end, smaller manufacturers are also launching smartwatches for women on the market in their shadows. Among them are some treasures that are worth mentioning. Mobovi, for example, has taken such a path. The company was a complete unknown just a few years ago and has since earned an excellent reputation with the attractive price-performance ratio of its models. Since the manufacturer cooperates with Google, the Wear OS operating system on the watches is practically self-explanatory.

Casio also uses this for its smartwatches for women from the Pro Trek series. They primarily let the adventurer’s heart beat faster and are less to be understood as companions for women in everyday business. This is also reflected in the range of functions, which is on the one hand designed for this, but on the other hand also aims at surviving a trip through the wilderness without any mishaps. The Casio watches are certified according to military standards in order to cope with the outdoor experience without damage. Longer trips are then also no problem. The outdoor smartwatches for women have a battery life of up to one month.

Ultimately, the range of smart watches for ladies is already conceivably multifaceted. In the future, the market will grow even more. Small manufacturers in particular are trying to defend their place in the market with unique selling propositions and thus differentiate themselves from larger providers. Therefore, it is advisable to find out which smartwatches for women have recently appeared on the market before making a purchase. Not least because many launches do not even reach the public. However, you won’t miss any new smartwatches in our news section. In our product database, you can even often find information about watches that have not even been released yet.

There are a lot of great smartwatch options for fitness and sport.

FAQ Ladies Smartwatch

Feminine design, useful functions for organizing everyday life, and sporty coaches: there’s a lot in ladies’ smartwatches. We list the most important questions about the smart accessories once again here and provide a few additional insights with the answers.

What features characterize smartwatches for women?

Women’s smartwatches are identical in terms of technical features and functionality to the versions for the male target group. However, they usually differ in terms of design. The case diameter is usually no more than 42 millimeters, while the men’s models have a slightly larger diagonal. Manufacturers often enhance them with additional design elements such as gemstones. Typical colors are rose gold, silver, gold or white.

Can the appearance of a ladies’ smartwatch be changed?

A positive answer can be given for almost all models available on the market: Yes, the look is customizable. Essentially, there are two ways to give the watch an individual touch. On the one hand, the existing wristband can be replaced with one of identical width. On the other hand, the ladies’ smartwatches allow configuring the digital watch face. The so-called watchfaces are available in a variety of designs. Users can often even decide which information they want to see there at a glance.

Which manufacturers offer smartwatches for women?

Almost every brand that offers smartwatches for men also offers models for women. Some of the most popular representatives are Apple, Fossil, Michael Kors, Fitbit, Samsung, HUAWEI, Honor, Mobvoi, Skagen, Misfit, Withings, Kronaby, Kate Spade or the luxury labels TAG Heuer, Frederique Constant and Mondaine. Either they design special models that are only aimed at the female target group or they are variants with a slightly more compact case.

Hybrid smartwatch or display smartwatch for women?

This question can only be answered individually and depends on the preferences of the respective interested woman. If she not only wants to be informed about messages and calls, but also react directly via the wrist, she is probably most likely to opt for a model with a touchscreen. At the same time, other features like a weather forecast or an integrated music storage are to be expected. Hybrid smartwatches for women, meanwhile, look like a classic wristwatch and offer a rather limited range of functions due to the analog dial. Since they usually use a battery, regular recharging is not necessary.

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