HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro Review

A smartwatch dedicated to sports enthusiasts and health-conscious people – that’s the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro. It also convinces with noble materials such as sapphire glass, ceramic or titanium. Divers and golfers benefit from special modes – but in total, the smart watch supports more than 100 different activities. As expected, it is equipped with GPS and is available in two sizes. The more compact models have a diagonal of 43 millimeters and achieve a battery life of up to seven days.

The more generous versions bring it to 46 millimeters, whereby they last a maximum of 14 days at a stretch. The most important features of the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro include the creation of ECGs at the wrist, the measurement of oxygen saturation (SpO2), and detailed sleep tracking. The smartwatch uses the manufacturer’s own Harmony OS operating system, which ensures compatibility with Android and iOS alike.

The technical details of the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro

Screen size1.32 / 1.43 Inches
Wrist materialLether, Imitation Leather
Size watch case43 / 46 mm
ConnectivityBluetooth, Beidou
Battery lifeup to 7 / 14 days
Supported systemsAndroid, iOS
Water resistance5 ATM, up to 50 Meters
FeaturesStress tracking, Call notification, Inactivity reminder, Calories burned, Recording, Music control, Diving functions, Phoning via smartphone, Text notifications, Alarm clock, Weather, Distance traveled
Microphone includedYes
Speaker includedYes

HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro: Justifiably a Pro version

HUAWEI has also opted to offer two case sizes for the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro. The models with a diagonal of 43 millimeters are suitable for more delicate wrists. Of these, one version is available with a ceramic strap in the combination of white and gold. The second version was also dipped in white, but refined with silver accents. It uses a strap made of genuine leather. The AMOLED display of these smartwatches marks a diagonal of 1.34 inches. Like its 46 millimeter diameter counterparts, it resolves at 466 x 466 pixels.

HUAWEI sends the larger versions into the race once in the combination black-silver with a silicone strap and once in gray-silver with a genuine leather strap. In addition, there is a variant completely wrapped in silver with a titanium link strap. The AMOLED display measures 1.43 inches.#

HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro
The design of the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro is simply amazing.

In addition to the touchscreen, there is a slightly protruding button at the two o’clock level. It can also be rotated for navigation. Another button is located at the four o’clock position, but it only stands out discreetly from the casing.

HUAWEI’s choice of materials alone proves that the Watch GT3 can rightfully be called a pro version.

Among other things, the manufacturer uses scratch-resistant sapphire glass to protect the screen. The cases, which are water-resistant up to 50 meters, are partly made of titanium and partly of ceramic.

Comfort for everyday life, comprehensive look at health

The HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro uses the manufacturer’s own Harmony OS operating system. It offers the advantage of being fully compatible with Android and iOS. If calls arrive on the paired smartphone, they can be conveniently accepted and made directly via the watch.

A speaker and microphone have been installed for this purpose. The wearer can read incoming messages on the display and reply with predefined text modules. In the meantime, Harmony OS supports more and more applications, so additional apps expand the range of functions when needed.

A special feature of HUAWEI smartwatches is their comparatively long battery runtimes. This feature also characterizes the Watch GT3 Pro. The more compact models achieve four days with one charge during intensive use and up to seven days during normal use.

As expected, the larger models have a more powerful energy storage. With it, the watches manage 10 to 14 days before they require a power supply again.

The HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro pays a lot of attention to the health of its owners – especially to the condition of the heart. It allows to make an ECG within a few seconds. For this, wearers just need to touch the electrodes on the smartwatch’s case for the duration of half a minute when taking a measurement.

HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro
There are a lot of different sensores and features included in the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro.

Another innovative feature is arteriosclerosis screening. The smartwatch can also determine whether and to what extent the arteries are calcified. It also measures the oxygen content in the blood and thus provides important data. These serve as a guide for users and can provide indications of serious illnesses. The aim is to detect warning signals as early as possible. However, this does not replace a visit to the doctor.

The HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro details the sleep and provides a comprehensive analysis via the Health app. Tips individually tailored to the user’s data help him optimize his night’s rest. The smartwatch also keeps an eye on stress. If the stress level is too high, the smartwatch immediately presents breathing exercises for relaxation on the display.

HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro: A Versatile training companion

Athletes will undoubtedly get their money’s worth with this wearable as well. The Watch GT3 Pro supports more than 100 different activities. Thanks to the built-in GPS module, the smartwatch easily and accurately records distances covered outdoors.

In conjunction with the app, users also have access to various training courses that have been designed for running, cycling or yoga, for example. Once they have chosen a program, the watch then guides them in real time.

The HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro is also interesting for golfers, as it comes with its own mode for them. More than 300 courses are available with the corresponding map material.

This provides an overview of the entire green with bunkers and obstacles. The clock facilitates the optimal shot by displaying the speed and direction of the wind at all times. The smartwatch also determines the respective distance to the next hole and helps to select the right club. At the end of a golf game, it evaluates the performance and presents a technical analysis. Based on this, users can see how they can optimize their performance in the future.

HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro
If you’re into sports, the HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro will bring a few great features along!

The HUAWEI Watch GT3 Pro even accompanies its owners on a dive. Up to 30 meters is possible, as the manufacturer certifies. In real timeig, the smartwatch determines relevant data such as the ascent, dive speed, depth and duration so far.

It also has safety reminders. For example, it can issue a warning after a certain time underwater or after reaching a certain depth. The smartwatch records the entire underwater excursion and offers an analysis afterwards, which is particularly comprehensive via the Health app on the cell phone. Feedback on breathing and other parameters makes it easier to tackle the next challenge.


Author: Smartwatch Fans