HUAWEI Watch D Review

HUAWEI Watch D is dedicated to one of the most important health parameters: It measures blood pressure at the wrist. For this purpose, its wristband is designed like a cuff and pumps itself up with air. However, this is by no means the end of the smartwatch’s capabilities. It can also record an ECG without any problems. In addition to the pulse, it also measures the oxygen saturation in the blood and the skin temperature. It also pays attention to the user’s stress level.

The HUAWEI Watch D does not miss out on sports capabilities either. Since it is equipped with GPS, it records outdoor workouts. A total of more than 70 different workouts can be recorded with the smart watch. Ultimately, the waterproof wearable also contains a voice assistant that makes the wearer’s everyday life more comfortable.

The technical details of the HUAWEI Watch D

Screen size1.64 Inches
Wrist materialSilicon / Rubber, Synthetic Materials
Size watch case42 / 44 mm
ConnectivityBluetooth 5. 1, NFC
Battery lifeup to 7 days
Supported systemsAndroid, iOS, Harmony OS
Water resistanceYes (IP68)
FeaturesCall notification, Calorie consumption, Running record, Music playback, Smartphone search, Voice assistant, Appointment reminder, Text notifications, Alarm clock, Weather, Distance traveled
Microphone includedYes
Speaker includedYes

HUAWEI Watch D: Perfectly thought-out design concept

Only in one color version the HUAWEI Watch D appears. However, since the smart watch is kept in neutral black, the manufacturer has opted for a perfect design – so it can be worn by both men and women.

The most important feature of the smartwatch, which makes it stand out from other models, is not visible while wearing it. It is the strap, which is made of silicone on the outside. The inside is designed along the lines of a classic cuff meter. Inside is a high-performance micropump as well as a kind of airbag.

If blood pressure is to be determined, the wristband inflates so discreetly that outsiders do not notice it.

HUAWEI’s Watch D is characterized by an elongated and spacious AMOLED touch display. It extends to a diagonal of 1.64 inches. With 456 x 280 pixels, it promises a high resolution. There are two buttons on the right edge of the smartwatch. The lower one is highlighted in red. When the wearer presses it, he starts the aforementioned blood pressure measurement function. The upper button takes the user to the menu.

The weight of the HUAWEI Watch D is 91.5 grams. The smart watch has received an IP68 certification. This means it is considered waterproof and may be worn while swimming.

You can easily track different aspects of your life with the help of the HUAWEI Watch D.

Everything for a healthy lifestyle in one watch

Talking about the features of the HUAWEI Watch D, we inevitably have to start with the most important one. Without a doubt, in the case of this wearable, it is blood pressure measurement. For this, it uses an innovative method, on which the manufacturer has worked for about five years. A cuff is integrated directly into the wristband and inflates.

To take a measurement, the user only needs to press the button on the right edge of the housing. The result is available after about 40 seconds.

The data can be transferred from the smartwatch to the app on the cell phone. From there, they can also be shared, for example to send them to a medical professional.

If the wearer places his finger on the said button and leaves it there, the HUAWEI Watch D automatically starts recording an ECG. This takes about 30 seconds. Thus, the smart watch is able to provide indications of cardiac arrhythmias. It constantly measures the wrist pulse and the oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2).

You’ll find a heartbet sensor (and more) on the back of the HUAWEI Watch D.

HUAWEI Watch D: Great help for sport fans

These are by no means all the health parameters: The HUAWEI Watch D also monitors its owner’s stress level. If this is too high, it offers breathing exercises to relax. Of course, a sleep analysis is not missing. In cooperation with the app, the smartwatch provides individual tips on how to improve the quality of sleep.

Last but not least, the Watch D from HUAWEI D has to measure the skin temperature. Thus, health abnormalities can also be detected at an early stage.

The owners of this smart watch are also allowed to be active in sports. It supports more than 70 different activities. With the help of its integrated GPS module, it reliably records outdoor routes such as a run or a bike ride. As expected, the distances covered and the calories burned are also recorded in everyday life.

The smartwatch’s voice assistant can be activated via a microphone. It provides the weather report, among other things, upon request. The HUAWEI Watch D also allows users to control the music on the paired smartphone. Finally, the smart watch is also suitable as an alarm clock because several alarms can be set. The manufacturer specifies an average battery life of seven days.


Author: Smartwatch Fans