Fitpolo Smartwatch review

The Fitpolo Smartwatch is an inexpensive smartwatch that can be purchased from Amazon and other online stores for under 40 Euro. In our review, we reveal – as usual – whether it is worth buying or not. So welcome to the Fitpolo smartwatch test or whatever we want to call it now.

The reason why we write in such a cloistered way is quite simple: The name Fitpolo (check out the online store) is ultimately just a brand name – nothing more and nothing less. Fitpolo is not the manufacturer of the smartwatch. It’s not so easy to find out who exactly it is. Everything points to the company “idoo”, but there are simply no more precise details. So Fitpolo just bought a smartwatch from a Chinese factory, created a nice packaging and printed the brand name “Fitpolo” on it. Just like dozens of other sellers do on Amazon. Whether the watch can still convince, we tell you in the following lines.

Technical details

Screen size1,3 inch
Wrist materialSilicon, Plastic
Size watch case37 mm
Battery lifeup to 10 days
Supported systemsAndroid, iOS
Water resistanceIP68
DisplayTFT LCD
SensorsHeart frequency monitor, Pedometer, GPS
Microphone includedNo
Speaker includedNo

First impression convinced

During the unboxing, we first had to think a bit about the YAMAY smartwatch. Not only does it look very similar to the Fitpolo smartwatch, but it also comes with the same user interface. Ultimately, it is already good to know that the operating system is used globally by several manufacturers. As nice as that sounds, the Fitpolo smartwatch will then certainly have the same problems as YAMAY and other manufacturers with this operating system.

Fitpolo Smartwatch
The Fitpolo Smartwatch comes in different colors.


The Fitpolo smartwatch has a few pre-installed watchfaces that can be selected directly via the watch. However, you can neither create your own watchfaces, nor download them anywhere. Thus, there is a bit of a lack of variety on the watch.

No sleep mode sensor

When sleeping, Fitpolo’s smartwatch could be a bit annoying, because the option with rotating from the wrist cannot be timed. As a result, the display keeps coming on and is very bright as a result. What you can do, however, is manually turn off the rotation of the wrist via the quick settings. However, turning this off every night and on every morning is a bit annoying and can also be forgotten. This is where a time setting would be very handy.

Notifications and Messages

The notifications are also not yet pleasing on the Fitpolo smartwatch. They are displayed very reliably, but they only disappear when you actively confirm them on the watch. If you do not do that, you still have the notifications on the watch after an hour and do not see the time. This is – for example, when driving a car very inconvenient.

Fitpolo Smartwatch
With the IP68 protection, you can use the Fitpolo Smartwatch even while under water.

Display and more

The display is not bad. It can be read well even with a little sun. However, if there is a lot of sun, you can’t see very much on the display. For a fitness tracker, we still think you should go for an eInk display rather than LCD like Fitpolo – or AMOLED like other smartwatches. This would allow you to get even more battery life out of it, as well as even better readability.

You can also choose between different colors: While the pink version is more directed at women, the blue version is more directed at men. There is also a more unisex black version of the smartwatch.

Design and water protection

There are certainly different opinions when it comes to the looks. I like the look of the Fitpolo smartwatch. It resembles the Amazfit Bip and GTS. Processed the clock is also very good. You almost don’t notice the watch on your arm. It is very light and comfortable to wear.

Class is that the clock is waterproof. Showers and swimming are therefore no problem at all. Whether the watch also holds out in the sauna, I can not say at this time Corona-conditioned. But as I had also written in my sauna report, most watches can withstand that without any problems.

Technical developments pleased

A big advantage is that you can sync your activities to Google. While this has less to do with Fitpolo’s watch and more to do with the VeryFitPro app, it’s still a feature I very much need in a watch.

The battery of the smartwatch is very good. The watch lasts about a week with average use before it has to be hung (or rather put) on the charging station. This is absolutely okay for everyday use.

Fitpolo Smartwatch
You can easily personalize the different Fitpolo Smartwatch settings depending your own needs.


For about 40 euros, you get a solid fitness tracker with a very good battery life and a chic design with the Fitpolo smartwatch. Those who like round watches will of course rather not reach for this tracker. Nevertheless, the smartwatch is quite appealing and we can recommend it with a clear conscience.

However, those who like a bit more gadgets and features should probably prefer other manufacturers. The Amazfit GTS 3 is still a really good bargain – but it is also nearly twice as expensive. So, if you are looking for a really inexpensive smartwatch with some practical features, you can definitely buy the Fitpolo smartwatch.


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